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Couples Yoga Therapy & Somatic Coaching

Two Souls Aligning

These couples sessions give you and your partner an opportunity to find greater awareness, deeper understanding, and a more meaningful connection through shared breath awareness, movement, touch, and dialogue. In a safe, inviting, and relaxed environment you will have the opportunity to strengthen your relationship as you explore different edges together—physical and emotional. Shared awareness can then be used to create manageable steps towards creating tangible change in your everyday life. Couples have been known to deal with issues more effectively, experience greater intimacy and find a more “embodied and mindful” approach to being in relationship to one another. 

*Sessions can include a variety of couples including relatives, friends, or even two business partners

*No experience in yoga or being particularly flexible is necessary. However, it does help when both partners are open to this kind of personal growth work. It’s also completely acceptable for one partner to be more on board than the other. 

*Remote Sessions Available

*Prenatal Couples Sessions Available

Couples Sessions: Service
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