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"There is growing recognition within psychology and other disciplines that body experience may be as important as cognitive and emotional experience. However, psychology has few psychotherapeutic interventions to support the integration of mind and body within therapy. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) is a form of mind-body therapy that uses yoga posture, touch, and psychotherapeutic dialogue to facilitate growth and healing. READ MORE 

"This chapter describes the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) approach, which consists of a repertoire of assisted yoga postures, dialogue techniques, and a guided integration process to support clients in releasing physical tension, which often results in some kind of emotional, mental, or spiritual shift." READ MORE

"The Yoga Therapist is trained to be carefully aware of their position of power and the possibility of re-triggering an injury or traumatic response. This possibility requires that a Yoga Therapist educate clients while inviting the client to accept or reject touch each time it is initiated. Yoga Therapists are trained to empower clients with choice by describing what they will do and waiting for the client’s agreement." READ MORE 

"The PRYT practitioner uses nondi- rective dialogue techniques to deepen the self-reflective process of the session and explains that the work is based on the belief that the body/mind/emotions are unified and the work is not about diagnosing or “fixing.” The orientation of PRYT is that growth and transformation occur at the “edge,” and the PRYT practitioner invites clients to explore their edge in a variety of Yoga pos- tures. With coaching, each client is invited to dialogue about what s/he is experiencing in regard to body sen-

sations, thoughts, and feelings. Clients are encouraged to seek understanding from within their deep inner knowing—listening with- out the need to fix anything.23 There is a final integration process in each session where the client is asked what s/he has discovered, or what stood out in the session. The client is then guided in developing a strategy to take what s/he learned in the session back into her/his life." READ MORE

Psychotherapy Goes from Couch to Yoga Mat,8599,1891271,00.html

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