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Recovering from Trauma

Overwhelming amounts of research now tell us that experiences of trauma alter brain chemistry and holding patterns in the breath and body, having an overall negative impact on health and vitality. Additionally, burying these traumas exacerbates the physical effects, intensifying the fight-or-flight response that keeps a person trapped in survival mode even amid seemingly safe people and situations. The impairment this has on everyday functionality can leave a person feeling helpless, frustrated, and constantly on edge. 

Fortunately, research also points to the overwhelming impact that various meditation and body-based practices such as yoga have on retraining the brain and body, calming the nervous system and regaining a sense of trust and safety within the body and in everyday interactions. 

Sarah is a trauma-informed yoga therapist certified with the International Association of Yoga Therapists and affiliated with the school of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. She places special emphasis on offering a safe and confidential space where people can practice regulating their breath and body’s reaction to stress in real-time through present-centered awareness. Sarah always honors autonomy to change what needs to change to remain within your comfort level and individual time frame towards healing.

Recovering from Trauma: About

Yoga therapy is a body-based modality that helps you:

  • Reassociate with past trauma, regulating your breath and body’s response to perceived stress. 

  • Identify postures and holding patterns that result from past trauma and find new comfort and ease in different ways of breathing and holding your body. 

  • Share your story in confidence with someone who will refrain from judgment and offer unconditional positive regard. 

  • Identifying negative thought patterns and how your body and breath responds to them while creating more positive thoughts, relieving depression and offering a renewed sense of optimism and personal empowerment. 

  • Increase focus on the present to calm distracting or delusional thinking. 

  • Regain a sense of trust in yourself and others while establishing and honoring personal boundaries.

Recovering from Trauma: Text
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