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Life Changes

Aligning Life with Soul

This struggle is a sacred right of passage and your body is the greatest vessel you have for connecting to the Divine and therefore, your
greatest inner teacher, thus leading to subsequent life change aligned with your purest, most authentic self.
Often, significant life changes bring up events from our past or anxieties about our future, making it the ideal time to work with SoulFly Therapy. SoulFly Therapy is more than just a yoga class; it is a session uniquely dedicated to your needs with postures meant to help you navigate specific life transitions. SoulFly Therapy is intended for everyone, and there is no pre-requisite to be flexible or have prior experience in yoga. Sarah tailors each session to your unique needs so that you may receive the full benefit of the practice. Sarah specializes in the following life transitions. Click on the transition best suited for you to learn more.


Job or Relationship Changes

Changing Habits

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Stress and Burnout

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Recovering from Trauma


Loss and Grief

(Recent or Ongoing)

View of Meditation Garden

Process of Dying

Other Life Changes

Life Changes: Offerings
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