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Prenatal Yoga Therapy & Somatic Coaching

Aligning with Baby's Soul

These sessions help you honor pregnancy and childbirth as a sacred right of passage that can be engaged with as a means of tapping into your greatest potential as a parent; deepening your relationship to your self, baby, and partner (optional), by connecting more fully with breath, mind, body, and spirit. These sessions provide you with practical guidance and tools while facilitating ways for you to use the inner wisdom of your body to make informed choices based on your unique personal history, experience, and readiness. Find personalized ways of tuning into your body; sensing, trusting, and acting on what's right for you while connecting in a deep and tangible way with your baby. Connect with your Soul and the Soul of your Baby as you redefine your sense of purpose within a new and changing reality. 

*Couples Sessions Available

*No Experience in Yoga or Being Particularly Flexible is Necessary

Prenatal Sessions: Service
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