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Gradually move through anxiety, displaced fear, and chronic symptoms in this proven-effective transformational program designed to rewire your autonomic nervous system and reveal your body’s spontaneous intelligence so you can finally heal at the root level.

Combining neurosensory practices with self-examination, journaling, and

group witnessing, find support to:

  • Regulate your nervous system, even if right now it feels fried and like you’re constantly on edge

  • Feel comfortable in your skin, present, and engaged instead of shut-down or hyper-aware

  • Express healthy emotions instead of exaggerating or suppressing them all-together

  • Honor your needs and establish clear boundaries in toxic relationships instead of losing yourself in othersFind the self worth and inspiration to move forward in life, even if right now you feel insignificant and powerless

  • Wake up and get on with your life without relying on outside interventions that offer only temporary relief for stress-induced symptoms

This is for you if:

  • You're a fully functioning trauma survivor-- meaning you get up everyday and go through all the motions of living, but still find yourself feeling “shaken up” and either numbing out or becoming hyper-on-edge from the slightest triggers.

  • You're past your trauma (months or even years), but still notice lingering affects in your body--like a sense that your nervous system is “out of whack” or “fried.”

  • You have trouble defining your boundaries in relationships and often make important decisions based on other peoples advice instead of your own intuition.

  • You feel as if you've lost your sense of self and often feel like a shell-of-a-person or a shadow of your former self.

  • You have a feeling that whatever is causing your chronic symptoms have less to do with your random genetic predisposition and more to do with trapped survival stress coming out sideways.

These groups are based on a research-backed modality that's been around for more than 30 years. Recent research highlights some of the benefits:

"Each participant noted greater insight into mind-body connection. They noticed the effect of cognition and emotion on the body, observed how the body can be used to improve coping through movement and breathing, and experienced different thoughts and emotions associated with different areas of their bodies.” ~Sneed, J., & Hammer, T., (2018). Phenomenological Inquiry into Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. International Journal of Yoga Therapy. 

The program follows a progressive, thematic approach aligned with nine themes. These themes support deepening your inner exploration in order to regulate your autonomic nervous system so you can connect and flow forward in life from a renewed and embodied sense of clarity and purpose.

This program includes a Silent Retreat at St. Francis of the Woods,11414 W,OK-33, Coyle, OK. 73027

Led By:

Sarah Bustamante, C-IAYT

Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapist

Somatic Coach

No experience in yoga or being particularly flexible is necessary. All bodies are welcome and accepted. A personalized home practice is adapted to your needs for the duration of the program. 

Refunds are not available for missed classes. It is highly encouraged to be present each week because of the progressive nature of the program, however, if you miss a class you’ll be provided with a recording to complete at home before the next meeting.


“The support of a regular meeting with the same people helped me focus my energy on working on things I wanted to work on. It’s helped me be more successful laying a foundation for regular self-care.” ~Gaia

“The group helped me relax into uncomfortable places inside where I learned that instead of reacting the old way, I can now pause, regroup, and let go -- over and over again.” ~Emily

“The guided self-inquiry and the themes explored provided a gentle way of learning more about who I am. Sarah’s ability to listen and reflect really enhanced the growth potential of the program.” ~Ashley Glenn

"This group is a gift that only a few will give themselves, but if everyone did, the world would shift in profoundly radical and beautiful ways." ~Araiah Jazzar

"This group made huge, huge differences in my life. I can see myself already making strides to embrace life, to release anxiety and to be more present. I find myself being more intentional and ready to embrace the world." Jessica Schwab, 2nd time participant

"This group brought me to a deeper level of awareness. It has made me more intentional in all my choices and be more accepting of myself and others." Olivia Waldkoetter, 2nd time participant

"Participating in the group encouraged me to have a different, much-improved relationship to myself; my body and my life experiences. I loved the creative, compassionate, inspiring leadership. Sarah uses her talents, skills and passion to lead in a creative, inspirational, and life changing way. I cannot recommend this program enough." ~Stephanie Bond, 2nd time participant

"Sarah is a masterful facilitator who brings her own authenticity and compassion to each participant in each session. She weaves a tapestry of growth, self-awareness, self-care and love. Creating space and safety while encouraging engagement, it's easy to open and grow in her presence." Sally Jo Blair

Disclaimer: By participating in Transcending Trauma with Sarah Bustamante of SoulFly Therapy, LLC, you acknowledge that she is not a licensed psychologist, medical doctor, or heal care professional and her services do not replace the care of psychological counseling, psychotherapy, mental health counseling, or any other types of psychotherapy or medical advice.


405-788-7348 (text or leave a voicemail)

Group Series: About


Here’s What They’re Saying

Group Series: Testimonials

"What is this and what am I doing here? Is this a yoga class? Those were the questions I kept asking myself. You may be asking the same.
I went to Sarah’s classes despite my internal resistance because my deeper Self longed to be free- free of trauma, trapped emotion, trapped pain and trapped anger.
Sarah taught me to listen to my body and pay attention to what my body was trying to tell me. Sarah created space for me to change through movement and stillness. Her sessions are nonjudgemental. There is no expectation. It is a safe place to be present with yourself, to experience the now, to be who you really are without pretension.
IF you are searching for a deeper connection to yourself, your family, your community -Sarah’s classes will give you that.... and so much more love, space and presence in this world.
Are you up for something new? Do you deeply desire a life changing experience? Please try Sarah Classes. I did and my life is so much better for it!

Olivia Waldkoetter

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