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Your Soul is Your Authentic Expression.
Your Body is Here to Harness It.

SoulFly meets people within significant life changes to harness their Soul's authentic expression into becoming their best medicine using the greatest vessel they have on earth today: Their Body

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Dear Body,

Are you listening now?

I've been ready for this very moment to connect with you again. 

You can let go now. You don't have to hold it all together or resist this change you're in.

I know it feels scary right now, but this struggle is a sacred right of passage moving you towards everything you need to step into your power and remember your light.

Every situation you've lived through brought you to this space and as icky and heart-wrenching as it feels right now, it's leading you to your purpose.

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I'm here to love you unconditionally across the full-spectrum of it all as you cry, laugh, gag, scream, move, and get still --whatever you need to pass through it.

This space of rawness is opening you up for me to shine through you again. 

I know it's a lot to feel these constructs breaking down that once kept you protected and safe, but it's time to transcend.

I hear you asking, "Why me? Why this situation or ailment? Why now in my life?"

Only you hold the answers to find the peace and fulfillment you are worthy of in this life. 

Are you ready to receive them?


                                                                            Your Soul

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Meet Sarah

My Soul's Authentic Expression is Helping you Harness Yours

Hi, I’m Sarah Bustamante, Founder of SoulFly Therapy and Certified Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy Practitioner and Somatic Coach offering body-based sessions and groups for navigating change using the Phoenix Rising Method™   
I help people going through significant life changes harness their soul’s purpose through the greatest vessel they have on earth today; their body.

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Even a bird who is free in flight needs a place to come home to. Prepare your body for safe landing. Ground into your body to let your SoulFly.

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If you are willing to...

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Connect with your Body

Go Through It and Not Around It

Stand in your Truths

Listen to your Inner Voice

Approach your Shadows

Go Deep

Be Vulnerable

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I can help you...

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Make Peace with your Body

Strengthen your Inner Voice

Build Integrity by Establishing Clear Boundaries

Renew your
Sense of Self

Feel More Integrated and Whole

Use Your Darkness to Shine your Light

Feel Confident in your Authenticity

Attract Relationships that Align with your Values

Live with meaning
and purpose

Become your own Medicine

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Yoga Therapy & Somatic Coaching


These sessions are designed to help you get into your body and nervous system in a simple, yet profoundly life-changing way. They encourage development of both attention and intention – two of the most powerful tools you have for releasing stored stress and trauma reactions so you can more palatably connect with your Soul. 

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These couples sessions give you and your partner an opportunity to find greater awareness, deeper understanding, and a more meaningful connection through shared breath awareness, movement, touch, and dialogue. In a safe, inviting, and relaxed environment you will have the opportunity to strengthen your relationship as you explore different edges together—physical and emotional.


These sessions help you honor pregnancy and childbirth as a sacred right of passage that can be engaged with as a means of tapping into your greatest potential as a parent; deepening your relationship to your self, baby, and partner (optional), by connecting more fully with breath, mind, body, and spirit.

 *Couples Sessions Available



Based on a research-backed modality that's been around for more the 30 years, the transformational power of these groups has often been described as profoundly simple and simply profound. Whether healing from trauma or moving through a significant life change, these groups sequentially help you heal and grow in ways that other methods commonly fall short of.  

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Here’s What They’re Saying

Free Consultation

"In my private yoga therapy session with Sarah, I found her to be extremely supportive, compassionate, and she truly understood what I was saying and feeling. I became aware of some valuable information about myself that I don't think I would have discovered on my own or without her assistance. Yoga Therapy is a wonderful complement to mental health therapy. I recommend her wholeheartedly if you are seeking a better understanding of yourself that will ultimately lead to positive change."

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Connect with Sarah

(405) 788-7348

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