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Pregnancy and Childbirth

Pregnancy and childbirth can be a mixed-emotional time full of anticipation and changes. Some may feel excited and joyful, others may feel anxious or worried, and some may feel all of it and then some! These changes can be physically and emotionally demanding, but also offer a rich means of getting to know yourself more fully as you step into new territory. Together we will work to help you find harmony amidst the roller coaster ride of pregnancy and childbirth and work particularly with facing the difficulties in order to learn and grow through the process.

Yoga Therapy helps enhance the process of pregnancy and childbirth by offering: 

  • Practices to support greater breath and body connection to increase self-awareness and manage pain in labor. 

  • A safe, non-judgemental space to process physical-psycho-emotional-spiritual changes. 

  • Ways to reassociate with past trauma, previous birth trauma, or grief. 

  • Practices to help you tune-in and create clear intentions. 

  • Empowerment through embodying personal birth affirmations. 

  • An integration of past, present, and postpartum experiences to learn and find personal significance in it all. 

  • A process to grow and transform through the process of labor and childbirth. 

  • Couples sessions to enhance your relationship with your birth partner. 

  • Postures, movement, and meditation practices to regulate stress and anxiety.

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