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Menopause and Empty Nest

Sarah works with women who may be having empty nest feelings as well as women who are transitioning into menopause. 

Empty Nest 

Caregivers of children often feel needed and important during child-rearing years, then as children leave the house, those feelings quickly fade. A caregiver might soon question their sense of worth and purpose in life, and wonder where to focus next. 


The ups and downs of menopause along with the physical changes experienced during this time present an excellent opportunity to look inward, reconnect with yourself, and find out who you are within your ever-changing body. 

A yoga therapist can assist you through empty nest by helping you: 

  • Connect with your mind and body to redefine your sense of purpose. 

  • Connect with inner wisdom and find a new direction in life. 

  • Honor and adapt to your shifting role as a parent. 

  • Fully acknowledge and grieve the child(ren) who’ve left home. 

  • Find clarity on self-inquiry questions like, “Who am I now?”. 

A yoga therapist can support you as you navigate menopause by helping you: 

  • Mourn the body you once had, while embracing your body as it is now 

  • Acknowledge and honor how your body is changing 

  • Redefine your purpose within a changing body 

  • Find supportive practices for managing sadness and irritability 

  • Create actions for nurturing your changing self and relationships

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