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Miscarriage and
Infant Loss

 While loss is a natural part of the cycle of life, it does not come easy. Losing a pregnancy or a child is devastating. It is uprooting and life-changing. Losing someone we love hurts deeply. Sarah is trained as a Stillbirthday bereavement doula to support women and families through this difficult transition and to teach techniques which can lend support during the most challenging moments. 

Yoga therapy helps to release the often unexpressed emotions of grief, opening the throat, and the heart to welcome in a new way of being through the grieving process. 

A yoga therapist can help you through pregnancy and infant loss with: 

  • Supported poses to release and learn from physical and emotional pain. 

  • Guided meditations to improve mental health. 

  • Breathing exercises to help create emotional stability during challenging moments. 

  • Honoring ceremonies to celebrate your child. 

  • Provide a trusting, safe space to communicate openly and feel supported. 

  • Redefine and establish a new sense of self and community.

Miscarriage and Infant Loss: About
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