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Cristina Nicolau

"In my private yoga therapy session with Sarah, I found her to be extremely supportive, compassionate, and she truly understood what I was saying and feeling. I became aware of some valuable information about myself that I don't think I would have discovered on my own or without her assistance. Yoga Therapy is a wonderful complement to mental health therapy. I recommend her wholeheartedly if you are seeking a better understanding of yourself that will ultimately lead to positive change."


Kylar Kekutia

“The yoga therapy before birth was very helpful and relaxing. It helped me get into a more calm mind-set before going to the hospital, as well as during active labor. Sarah’s strong communication before delivery really helped; sharing educational information as well as getting clear about my expectations and honoring those during delivery. It helped that Sarah stayed calm and paid close attention to the details during my labor, as well as looked out for other members of my birth-team. Often times Sarah would take care of anything outside the room to allow for my husband and mother to stay with me when needed.”


Leah Maple

“When I met Sarah, I was in the midst of finding out who I was as a young married person. I married young and expected to start a family young. However, the world had another plan for me.​

Sarah was hosting a fertility blessing around the time I had both a failed fertility treatment and a failed foster parenting attempt. I felt very lost, ashamed, and confused. During the blessing, I was expecting to feel strength from a loud voice inside of me that ordered me to continue trying for a child. Instead, I felt a very calm feeling within me that gave me permission to look at myself with grace, love, and acceptance, just as I was. The answer I received during my fertility blessing was a different outcome than I expected-but truly the right answer I needed. 

I’ve met with Sarah several times after the fertility blessing. She’s helped me with so many areas in my life- depression, anxiety, and different sensory sensitivities I experience.  I’ve told her multiple times, “it’s so strange that you position me in a certain way and a flood of feelings and emotions just flood to the surface.” The work Sarah does is magical, spiritual, and very special. 

I would define Sarah as being a helpful guide to finding my inner self. She helps me find my feelings when I’m experiencing confusion and hopelessness. She helps me identify what certain feelings mean and how I experience them. 

After each session, I take home with me the feeling of confidence and a positive affirmation I have found within myself to carry with me until the next session. 

Let Sarah help guide you to find that confidence and strength within you."


Olivia Waldkoetter

"What is this and what am I doing here? Is this a yoga class? Those were the questions I kept asking myself. You may be asking the same.
I went to Sarah’s classes despite my internal resistance because my deeper Self longed to be free- free of trauma, trapped emotion, trapped pain and trapped anger.
Sarah taught me to listen to my body and pay attention to what my body was trying to tell me. Sarah created space for me to change through movement and stillness. Her sessions are nonjudgemental. There is no expectation. It is a safe place to be present with yourself, to experience the now, to be who you really are without pretension.
IF you are searching for a deeper connection to yourself, your family, your community -Sarah’s classes will give you that.... and so much more love, space and presence in this world.
Are you up for something new? Do you deeply desire a life changing experience? Please try Sarah Classes. I did and my life is so much better for it!


Lindsay Juarez

"A big part of my loss was a loss of control and trust in myself and in my body. I had planned a home birth, and when we lost my daughter in labor, it sent a shock wave through everything I thought I knew to be truth. The year after my loss was about learning to breathe again, what to do with the grief and depression spirals. I managed to survive the first year, but after her birthday I started realizing all that I had truly lost. Anxiety became a huge struggle for me, with panic attacks happening a few times a week, often making my throat feel swollen and closed, making it hard to take a breath. I struggled with how my body felt now, not just it’s new shape that triggered my body shame, but even how to manage my emotions anymore. My therapist said when we go through trauma our brains shut down emotions to survive. I had survived, but I wasn’t living again. Not yet. In working through what I was feeling I saw a friend share pictures from an Infertility Blessing Sarah had done. I saw on her website she did Yoga Therapy. Google told me how powerful it could be for people who had been through trauma. I decided it couldn’t hurt.
I brought zero expectations into the room. Sarah’s presence was incredibly calming and supportive. I felt seen and heard at a level most people couldn’t get to. As she began the session I felt complete non-judgement and openness to speak whatever came to my mind. My mind wanted to speak a lot about learning to trust myself again, to love my body again. At one point Sarah did a throat opening stretch and my grief rushed into me like a huge wave, and hot tears poured down my face. She sat with me in that space until the wave subsided. The tightness in my throat was instantly gone.
After the session I was able to sing without restriction, and my anxiety never felt as powerful as it had before. Even now, a year after our session, my anxiety doesn’t show up in my body that way.
It took a few months to digest what I had experienced in my session, and how I could start to listen to what my body spoke to me in that space. The after effects are still resounding and ringing. I was amazed at how tuning in to my body, how being quiet enough to listen, could pull out the healing I had been seeking.
So thankful for my time with Sarah and the space she’s so carefully created, that allowed me to breathe fully again."


Jessi West

“I recently started doing yoga therapy and I love it. I don’t often give myself a chance to just be in my body and let it speak to me. This modality is the perfect compliment to counseling, and in my opinion, an extremely important branch of the healing arts. Perfect for tuning into to your body during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.”

Jane Mays.jpg

Jane Mays

"The yoga therapy I did with Sarah was extremely healing both physically and emotionally. She is intuitive and highly qualified. If you are considering working with Sarah, do it! She cares about her clients and her work. She is the real deal!"


Bethany Lee

“I felt like having Sarah involved made my birthing team feel more complete. She paid close attention to my emotional and psychosocial needs but also provided us with practical guidance. She helped my partner and I to feel more prepared for our birth and the arrival of our baby. Her warm and calming presence made me feel more at ease and in tune with my environment and my body during my labor.”


Araiah Jazzer

"The Navigating Change group is a gift that only a few will give themselves, but if everyone did, the world would shift in profoundly radical and beautiful ways."

Kelly Ottinger.jpg

Kelly Ottinger

"Sarah lead a fertility blessing that I attended. Going into the experience that felt entirely outside of my comfort zone, I was nervous and a little anxious. The moment it began and she started speaking, I was set at ease and felt completely calm. The whole evening was such an altering, positive experience for me. And I owe so much of that to Sarah. She helped me explore things I wasn’t even aware that I was feeling and she lead the group with such ease and love. I am thankful for her and would recommend any event she hosts or service she provides."

Sally Jo.jpg

Sally Jo Blair

“Sarah is such a delight! Wise beyond her years, authentic and willing to be seen, she devotes herself wholeheartedly to serving others in their journeys of growth and transformation. She has cultivated the art of being fully present with her yoga therapy clients as well as in facilitating group events. With a special knack for truly hearing what is being said, Sarah brings depth and acceptance to her interactions, inviting self-discovery and self-love. With her background in yoga and yoga therapy, Sarah is sensitive to the wisdom of the body, thus seamlessly engages others to experience their own inner wisdom, befriending themselves and being more fully alive. Having experienced her individual and group work, I highly recommend Sarah. She is a jewel.”


Tiffany Lenhard

"Sarah is wonderful! I went to her to work through places in my body that I was holding onto old emotional blocks. I felt rigid and stagnant. In just one session with her, I felt real physical change and the pressure on my shoulders released. She is kind and very patient and I felt completely supported both physically and emotionally as she moved me through different postures. I highly recommend her!"



“Sarah provides a service that I found invaluable in my journey with infertility.  She has a unique ability to create a space that welcomes authenticity and real healing.  I have been trying to conceive for 9 years and it was not until I worked with Sarah several times that I got in touch with my deeper fears of conception and fertility.  I am a mental health professional and have done emotional work regarding my childhood and fertility issues.  I am comfortable with words and know how to verbally process.  This ability sometimes enables me from doing the dirty emotional work because I use talking as a crutch.  Sarah’s work with movement and the body brought memories, feelings, ideas and thoughts that I have not been able to access prior to our work.  She is non judgemental, kind and gentle which allowed me to go deep into my own process.  I cannot stress enough how unique and important the work that she does is.  I did not know what to expect before her session and honestly was a little worried that I would feel judged because of my age, weight, infertility and experience.  I was not and instead felt embraced, empowered and truly cared for.  I love the work that she does and have found that since my work with her, I have a greater respect for the lessons that infertility has taught me.”


Laci Liter

"I’ve had epidurals during the deliveries of my first two babies and this time I wanted to do it without medication. I did a LOT of reading and hired Sarah of Soulfly Therapy. She was the most amazing, calm, supportive person and ALL women deserve a person like her holding their hand (or, you know, cradling your head in her lap while your naked self screams in the bathtub). I’m happy to say I gave birth to Hanna with no pain medication and I am blessed to call Sarah my friend."


Tina Hayden

"The private session helped me experience an emotional connection binding trust and expression between mind, body and spirit. This therapy assisted me in realizing my physical limitations and how my emotions are connected."


Stephanie Bond

“Participating in the Navigating Change group encouraged me to have a different, much-improved relationship to myself, my body and my life experiences. I loved the creative, compassionate, inspiring leadership. Sarah uses her talents, skills and passion to lead in a creative, inspirational and life changing way. I cannot recommend this program enough."


Lauren Scarbrough

"As someone who has been blessed by Sarah’s incredibly calming presence, genuinely sweet spirit and intuitive heart, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to the triad of services that she offers! She has the rare ability to guide others through traumatic and/or transformative moments with the perfect blend of gentleness and strength. She is someone with whom you can safely feel truly known and vulnerable."

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