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Postpartum and Parenting


Nothing quite compares to the joyous yet utterly difficult evolution of becoming a parent. While society teases about how difficult parenting is, it hardly provides the support that new mothers and families need as they navigate the postpartum period. Childbirth is a physically astounding feat whether labor is natural or surgical, the birth of a child takes a tremendous toll on women and developing families. Combine physical recovery with caring for a new infant without any emotional or practical support and women are destined to feel isolated and develop mental health conditions. 

Sarah offers a loving presence while providing practical assistance and therapeutic support to aid you during a difficult transition whether you’re home, in the hospital or patiently waiting for your little one to be released from the hospital. 

Sarah holds training from Stillbirthday and is educated to provide support to births with any outcome, including infants in NICU or with a terminal illness. 

The postpartum period is a time when a yoga therapist can help you with: 

  • Processing your birth experience, particularly if it didn’t go as expected. 

  • Guidance to improve mental health and find calmness. 

  • Negative feelings surrounding breastfeeding or inability to breastfeed. 

  • Finding empowerment and self-worth as a mother. 

  • Adapting to changing family dynamics. 

  • Identifying unhealthy generational narratives and creating new patterns. 

Postpartum and Parenting: About
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