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My Soul's Purpose is Helping You Harness Yours

As you move through life, it might be common for your body to speak loudly and to wonder if deep down something needs to change. I believe your body is always trying to tell you something, and that when you learn to listen, many of your ailments unfold into profound realizations that can then be used to initiate lasting and meaningful life change that aligns with your Soul--your purest, most authentic self. I work with a wide range of people from those who are recovering from a traumatic/stressful experience, those moving through reproductive changes such as infertility or pregnancy, to those dealing with chronic health conditions or moving through the process of dying. 

Transformative and embodied, my approach moves you beyond cognitive understanding and into whole-body knowing, combining elements of non-dogmatic yoga with mind-body psychology. Utilizing movement, introspection, body/breath awareness and therapeutic dialogue, I create a non-judgemental, safe space where you can find personalized ways of tuning into your body; sensing, trusting, and acting on what’s right for you based on your unique experience, history, and readiness. I help you move through your process with the mindfulness and intentionality needed to redefine your sense of purpose within a new and changing reality.  

I am certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT), the Phoenix Rising School of Yoga Therapy (PRYT), Stillbirthday Birth and Bereavement Doula Academy (SBD), and hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I’ve held former positions with the University of Central Oklahoma’s Student Counseling Center in the Stress Reduction Clinic, with the Phoenix Rising School of Yoga Therapy as the Professional Support Coordinator and Mentor to Students, as well as serving as a Vigil Team member for a local hospice. 

Sarah Bustamante: About

Degrees and Certifications


Phoenix Rising
Yoga Therapy Practitioner


Program consisting of 650 hours of Assisted Asana Technique, Therapeutic Dialog, Body/Mind Integrative Techniques, Applied Anatomy, Ethics, Establishing Practitioner-Client Relationship, Literature Review and Reports, Yoga Therapy Related Medical Research Review, Self, Peer, and Supervisor Assessments, and 48-Session Supervised Practicum


Phoenix Rising 
Therapeutic Yoga Teacher


Program includes: The Power of Embodied Awareness and Presence; Integrating the Phoenix Rising Process into Daily Life Application through Yoga Experiences,; Crafting Classes Workshops and Experiences from Intention, Embodied Presence, and Thematic Language; Assessing the Subtle Body's Innate Wisdom with Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation and How to Guide a Theme ased yYoga Class for a Specific Population


Phoenix Rising 
Yoga Therapy Group Facilitator


Program includes: Graduate Training in Teaching and Group Facilitation Skills, Leading Yoga and Meditation Experiences for Groups with Specific and Non-Specific Stress-Related Disorders, Corporate Stress Reduction Programs, Educational Programs, Anatomy, Philosophy, Ethics and Lifestyle, Group Integration Processes, Program Directing and Planning, Program Marketing, and Program Delivery


Phoenix Rising
Yoga Therapy Practitioner for Couples


Online Live Webinar Series with Mentored Practicum. 5 webinars over 3 months. Webinar courses conducted in real time with live faculty-student interaction with the objective of facilitating people in committed relationships to experience deeper connection, greater awareness and understanding, more intimacy and meaningful communication using partner yoga and two way embodied dialogue as well as to develop a repertoire of partner yoga experiences to lead.


Birth and Bereavement Doula


Eight modules held on a private student database, 8 comprehensive study modules with corresponding exams, 2 book reviews and a Community Project on supporting birth in any trimester, and in any outcome, unconventional loss, which may include adoption or surrogacy, NICU care, "Rainbow" subsequent live birth with no connection in any way to bereavement, newborn nutrition and lactation, and more.


Bachelor of Arts
in Psychology


124 Credit Hours to understand and apply current psychological terminology and reference related studies, understanding the role of the individual in society and the effects of social interactions on individual behavior, compute descriptive, inferential, parametric and non-parametric statistical techniques for psychological research and demonstrate results with effective writing and communication skills, understand the social, emotional, physical and cognitive aspects of human development throughout the lifespan, understanding how sensation, perception and action influence relationship to the world, utilize advanced statistical packages for social sciences to analyze experimental effects, understanding the brain-behavior relationship, understanding motivation and emotion processes and their application to daily life and research, understanding modern methods of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of major neuroses and psychoses, understanding major principles of learning and their applicability to major areas of psychology, and understanding the historical framework of systems of psychology by demonstrating effective research and written language skills.

Sarah Bustamante: Services
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Note: The yoga therapy components of Sarah's practice are based on her Certification by PRYT and IAYT and not derived from her status as an RYT® with Yoga Alliance Registry.

Sarah Bustamante: Clients
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