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Loss and Grief

Grief can turn your world upside down as you wake up every day and try to make sense of an unrecognizable reality. Whether in response to the loss of someone or something, the natural feelings of grief can leave you feeling emotional, isolated, and misunderstood. The experience of loss can be felt physically, emotionally, cognitively, behaviorally, socially, culturally, philosophically, and spiritually, shaking the core of who you’ve always known yourself to be. 

Yoga Therapy offers you a safe and reverent space to: 

  • Feel seen and honored as you share your story and process your loss. 

  • Mourn the old you while redefining and embodying the new you. 

  • Identify how you’re holding grief in your body, breath, and mind and find ways of establishing more peace amidst the turmoil. 

  • Honor the memory of your loss through sacred ceremony and ritual. 

  • Identify and shed relationships that no longer support you. 

  • Rebuild your community as you seek refuge to support your healing. 

Practice mindful ways of engaging with the process to find a renewed sense of purpose and meaning through it all.​

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