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About SoulFly Therapy

Embodying your Soul's Authentic Expression

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If you feel like a mere shell-of-a-person in a life that's driven you way off course, it' not because the cards are stacked against you. It’s because you’re not embodying your Soul's authentic expression.

When you constantly live against this yearning, your body starts rebelling. You feel a disconnect causing things like anxiety, burn-out, depression, nervous system dysregulation, and chronic illness.  

Although it doesn't feel like it now, this struggle in your life--in your body--is NOT here to destroy you. It’s a wake-up call from your Soul, initiating profound change and urging you to listen to the whispers before they turn into screams. And if your body is already screaming? That’s all the more reason to begin now. 

When you tap into your spontaneous intelligence, you make different choices and your life heals itself as you live it. You release everything obscuring its innate wisdom (i.e. adverse childhood experiences, relational or medical traumas, abuse, chronic stress, etc.) to reveal the You that’s always existed under the turmoil. 

SoulFly Therapy is a means of clearing the static and engaging in life’s struggles with the clarity needed merge back into alignment with your Soul’s true callings.

Combining learning and practices from multiple revolutionary approaches, SoulFly Therapy bridges the gap between healing arts, mind-body psychology, and neuroscience using the Phoenix Rising Method™ (as discovered and presented by Michael Lee & inspired by yogic philosophy, Buddhist psychology and Carl Rogers), Somatic Practice (the work of Irene Lyon inspired by Peter Levine and Kathy Kain), healing trauma through the body (as written about by Bessel van der Kolk), and The Polyvagal Theory (as discovered and presented by Stephen Porges).

The ultimate goal? To release long-held bodily tensions and behaviors and rewire yourself towards improved patterns of thinking, moving, and overall being; to regulate your autonomic nervous system so your body starts receiving your Soul’s spontaneous intelligence and you ultimately become your own medicine.

If you’re asking yourself, "Why me? Why this situation or ailment? Why now in my life? What messages am I getting from this?”, you’ve landed in the right place.

Are you ready to begin?

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